This is recently called “the new religion of Iceland”, this theological organization was founded only three years ago, (specifically in 2013), it is usually made up of a number of individuals who do not practice any religion to evade taxes favored in said country. The nation of Iceland obliges its inhabitants to register what religion they belong to, once the population is registered, they are given a monthly discount of approximately 80$US, the collection of this money is directed to cover all the expenses that the churches or temples of each religion that is practiced, so that no individual is cheated on theological grounds; On the other hand, all inhabitants are forced to register in a religion regardless of whether they declare themselves “atheists”, or that they do not strictly practice any of the dogmas.

Due to this, a considerable group of people, tired of granting monthly financing to all those churches that they simply do not visit, or for a religion that they do not practice, created Zuism, where the fundamental pillars of this dogma is the function of returning all the money that has been granted by the government, to the benefactors that had been compulsorily deducted from them. The Zuists state that they have belief specifically in four gods: An (god of the sky), Ki (god of the earth), Enlil (god of the wind) and Enki (god of the water), they defend against the authorities that they have the following belief: the universe is controlled by the power of four gods who take human form, however, they are totally immortal and work using supernatural forces on earth.

The new religion itself does not present an organization with respect to the rituals destined for the praise of their gods, they simply state that their masses begin with ancient poetry through which mention is made of the four gods previously indicated; In addition to this, through prayers originating from their own imagination, communication with the god they feel most identified with is practiced. In order to legalize their existence, the Zuists ask the government to grant funds for the construction of their “temple” (ziggurat), upon receiving the money it is redistributed to the members of the religion.