Yoke – usage, types, and different applications

Yoke is a term that is used to define a tool, which is used in the field to join two oxen or mules in a team, it is made up of an elongated piece of wood, with two arches that are molded to the head or to the neck of the animals, and that hooked to the rudder of a plow, allows them to pull them. The word yoke is also attributed to all effort or hard work, burdens or ties. Etymologically this word comes from the Latin “iugum” which means “stick that is used to unite two oxen”.

The cornal yoke is that used for oxen, it is an instrument that consists of a smooth middle part called sobeo or center, equipped with projections called tables for the belts, on the sides there are curved parts called: gamellas or camels. Depending on the way the yokes are used, they can be in two ways: 1) a long yoke that is used for cars or heavy loads, this shows on the face below the center, a cavity called a table for the carriage shaft. The entire length of the yoke is 1.67 m long, in the center the measurement is 86 cm, in the part corresponding to the table, the yoke measures 12 cm and in the sides 6 cm. 2) A shorter yoke is used on plowshares. This type of yoke measures 38 cm in the center and the total length is 1.22 m.

The collar yoke for cavalry, also called rude yoke, is shown in a curved or straight shape, the collar yoke is made of a single piece rod, 1.30 m long, a cross section of 10: 10 cm, the cutouts for the neck of the animals are 12 cm wide.

In contradiction to the ox yoke, through which a yoke is hooked, in cavalry yokes are also used for a single beast. The farmer uses it when he needs to tie a horse to the cart and the muleteer to his cart.

On the other hand, in the religious sphere there is the concept of unequal yoke, which refers to those unions that are made between people of different religions, for example a Catholic Christian person with an evangelical Christian. These unions are not welcomed or accepted by ecclesiastical laws, since it is considered that a couple who do not profess the same religion could not be happy in their marriage.