The word yoke is used to define any pair of animals that work together by means of a yoke, in order to carry out activities in the field, these animals can be oxen, mules, etc. According to its etymology, this term comes from the Latin “Iunctus”, which means “together”. This word is often taken as a synonym for friend, accomplice, comrade. Colloquially there is a phrase that says “walking together” which refers to two individuals who always spend time together everywhere.

Normally the yoke of oxen is used almost exclusively by peasants or farm owners to plow the fields. The yoke is not only tying two oxen, and although it seems simple, it is not, since it requires advance work that requires patience, and some methods that involve the most suitable choice of animals. A good yoke is achieved by choosing some good specimens. Male bovines are always chosen for their vigor and resistance, in addition to the fact that they must be castrated, for the submission or gentleness that this condition gives them. Animals such as horses or mules prefer to use them for work in the mills.

The oxen will be ready to start their work as teams when they are 2 years old, since it is the time necessary for them to have reached a good physical development, such as their musculature and ornamentation. It is important to highlight that the pair of animals chosen for the yoke must be a perfect pair, that is to say that both have the same age, weight and musculature.

At the beginning of the training, any weight is placed on the animal’s head, so that in this way it gets used to it, the next step is to yoke the two animals so that, together, they follow the orders of the person who leads the yoke Finally, when the animals are used to the yoke and to the orders given to them, a small plow is placed according to the capacity and age of the animals.

On the other hand, there is the yoke of the shirt, this is located in an area of ​​the fabric that goes through the back of the shirt, that is, shoulder to shoulder, if a person orders a tailored shirt to be made , this area is usually made up of two fabric panels joined in the middle. This will allow the tailor or seamstress to fit each shoulder separately for a perfect fit. In haute couture, shirts with two panels are also made, to facilitate the adjustment of the pieces.