The desires that have a more notable intensity are those that the subject yearns for more strongly, that is, he really wants to achieve. The degree of participation in the goals that are eagerly desired is higher than the most superficial purposes in which the subject can even change his mind. To achieve an objective that the person really wants, he draws up an action plan that becomes the roadmap to follow.

The human being is immersed in the fulfillment of new objectives frequently since one desire is followed by another. Our will is to yearn, in fact, thanks to these new desires of the heart we can continue to grow as people and add new experiences to our lives. Not all desires are desired with the same force, there are some that sprout with great power in the heart.

Wishes and hopes, this type of challenge shows the importance of perseverance as there are times when plan A does not work and establishing plan B is essential. This type of purpose also focuses personal attention in a remarkable way, therefore , the person has to select very well what desires they really want to establish and an order of objective priorities in their lives. People may want material objects, for example a person may want to buy a new car, but they may also want emotional desires.

A person in love is more than eager to be reciprocated by another person. Many couples want to have a child and start a family. Couples want to be happy in their life together. A person who wants to meet new friends, have a social agenda and participate in dynamic activities. People who feel down and sad long for joy in their lives.

Human beings are complex and people can also desire a good that is not convenient for us. For example, people have to work hard to get over unrequited love and forget about that special someone. There are desires that can become a burden, dreams that turn into nightmares. In short, dreams that have an expiration date and must seek new goals.