This word comes etymologically from the Latin “male” and it is a reduction of the word “bad” of Latin origin “bad”. Evil is a negative particularity that is attributed to people when they act lacking in goodness or morality within their environment.

Any person who has conduct outside of ethical values, their actions will be considered as something bad. Evil is linked to all that material or moral deterioration that an individual has caused to another, it is also used to refer to any illness or disease or when a calamity occurs. This term is understood in a negative sense, representing the opposite side of good, in some civilizations evil is defined as the counterpart of good, thus forming a duo, that is, if good exists, then evil also. In the Catholic Church evil is represented by Satan (the prince of evil) and good is represented by God.

Good and evil are two terms that are frequently associated with the ethical behavior of individuals, generally individuals who respect the laws and social norms that prevail in a society are appreciated as good, while those who behave rebellious and contrary to the norms will be deducted as bad and promoter of evil. According to the Kantian philosophy, the human being is aware of the distinction that exists between good and evil, of which action is good and which action is bad, and that everything will depend on the intention or purpose of the executor regardless of the effect of the action.