world Bank

The World Bank is an institution that handles money internationally, it was created by the UN (United Nations Organization); This banking company is located in the capital of the United States (Washington) and was founded in 1945. The World Bank (WB) or for its abbreviation in English WBG, is made up of 185 countries that are members of this organization; The main purpose of the creation of this international bank is to offer monetary aid through credits offered to countries that are in the process of development, this with the second intention of eradicating the poverty that exists worldwide.

The World Bank was born from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development initiative, this institution was created after the Second World War, where many nations were affected by the damages of this dispute. It was founded specifically at the end of the year 1944 and the beginning of 1945, when the aforementioned war ceased; Initially there were only 35 countries registered as members of this institution, over the years more nations were annexed until reaching a number of 185 members.

The first beneficiaries of this organization were the European countries since they were classified as the most affected after the war, the loans offered for the reconstruction of the European economy oscillated in the 250 million dollars; after this economic support was given to Chile, Germany and Japan as well as many other nations. Like any other banking institution, the World Bank remains active thanks to the collection of interest for each loan offered, as well as the amount paid by the different countries to be a member of this organization.

The World Bank does not have a sole owner, all the countries that are members of this institution have shares within it, that is, they would be the owners of this banking company; of course there are some nations that own numerous shares within this bank, for which they have the right to own more benefits than other countries, for example: the United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. This company is extremely large, it has more than one hundred offices located in the countries that participate in this bank, its enrollment of employees exceeds 10,000 people.