It is a tool that is widely used in the agricultural area with the main objective of crushing something, usually cereals or grains, in order to turn them into flour, they generally use natural resources such as wind, water and sun to generate your energy. In the beginning, the mills were made from the wood of trees, later they evolved to stone, then they were made of brick and finally they were made of a fairly light metal.

In ancient times it was a tool used to grind certain foods, such as potatoes, carrots, among others, later with the development of agriculture, different types of cereals began to be ground. With regard to the wheat mills, it is believed that initially the wheat was ground by means of mortars and it was from this that the so-called blood-pulling mills arose, that is, the animals were used to be able to mobilize the mill. Later, for the time of the Roman Empire, there are data that affirm the existence of water mills, of which the empire used them to grind certain foods.

The most common way for mills to work to grind large amounts of grain, and which has been basically the same since ancient times, is through the use of a large rock that was fixed to the mill in the shape of a circle, which could exceed eight meters in length. height, together with another rock of similar size below the first, because the second stone was not fixed, it had to move over the other one in order to crush what was placed in the mill, to make the movement of said rock possible, The use of energy was necessary, therefore the resources that nature has always provided were used in this case, which could be water, wind and even animals and in cases where the mills were smaller, hands were simply used. The material had to be placed in the mill through a hole in the center of it and the resulting material had to come out through the sides, once this was done, said product was collected and different foods were made.