Wifi or Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance company, which is an organization that certifies and owns the 802.11 standard for wireless local area networks. Wifi is used to connect different computers to the network wirelessly. This connection is compatible with almost all equipment that has a Wi-Fi wireless wave receiver.

The Wi-Fi works as follows, a central matrix has a cable or equipment that provides the internet has an extra attachment (Access Points) with which it distributes the signal wirelessly to a certain radio this signal, this signal is received by a piece of equipment (routers) that gives connection to the equipment that has it connected. The field of compatibility with these networks varies according to the quality and frequency of the antenna. The closer the field covered by the antenna, the better the connection received by the device.

Today, Wi-Fi certified standards are very popular all over the world. 75% of mobile devices include a Wi-Fi network receiver (laptops, cell phones, Smartphones and USB mobile internet devices). These wireless connections, despite the improvements in the service, have had interference with radio frequencies, which causes serious problems in the radio spectrum. Work has been done on service performance since the project began, there are still people who fear it because they consider it insecure, hundreds of applications have had their security rights violated (hacked) because the Wi-Fi does not strictly comply with the security guidelines of the Internet.