Whooping cough

It is a totally contagious bacterial disease that causes violent and uncontrollable coughing that makes it difficult for the person who suffers to breathe. In addition, a convulsive sound can be noticed when the person tries to breathe. The bacterium that causes this condition is bordetella pertussis, it is considered epidemic since it can be widely spread in a population due to its contagion. The bacterium can have an incubation process of 15 to 20 days until presenting the relevant symptoms.

The population most vulnerable to this condition are children under 1 year of age, the elderly and pregnant women. The symptoms of this condition are:

  • Severe cough for several weeks.
  • sneezing
  • Moderate fever and runny nose.
  • high pitched whistle
  • Spasms.
  • vomiting.

At first it can be confused with a common flu and if not treated properly it can lead to pneumonia. They are normally transmitted to people by direct contagion through nasal or throat secretions.

Its treatment consists of vaccinations as a preventive method, without guaranteeing absolute immunity. Also with medical supervision, antibiotics can be administered in the first phase of the disease, the dose varies according to the age of the patient. Oxygen therapy or medical ventilation may be used. Some possible complications may include the following:

  • Pneumonia.
  • seizures
  • Permanent seizure disorder.
  • Nosebleed.
  • Ear infections.
  • Brain damage from lack of oxygen.
  • Bleeding in the brain.
  • Intellectual disability.
  • Stopping of breathing.
  • Death.

Its prevention is based on good daily hygiene, especially hand washing and following a vaccination schedule.