The word whim is often used to define any idea or desire that arises suddenly and without any logical reason in people. People who assume this attitude are known as “capricious”. On a psychological level, a whim is a purpose that the person forms arbitrarily, outside any norm and for no reason.

Like any psychological act, infatuation is an action of the imperfect will and which is the product of the presence of a disorder, characteristic of people with weak character and will.

Being capricious is a very common behavior among children. How many times have children not been seen crying and kicking because their parents do not agree to fulfill their whimsical wishes: “mommy buy me a doll”, “daddy I don’t want to go to school”, are some of the whims that children usually have . This behavior, if not corrected in time, is likely to remain internally in the child until adulthood.

The caprice is seen as a negative behavior, as a defect of the individual, which must try to correct, if you do not want to have serious social problems in the future. It is essential that the person recognizes that he maintains an erroneous behavior and devotes himself to seeking specialized help in order to improve his way of being.

It is important to mention the whims that arise in women when they are pregnant. In this case they are known as “cravings” and where the future mother can suddenly feel the uncontrollable desire to eat something specific and of course, she does everything possible so that her wish is fulfilled.