Whatapp, also known as Whatsapp Messenger is a messaging application, which allows sending and receiving for free. The terminology or the name whatsapp comes from the English colloquial phrase “what’s up” whose equivalent in our language would be “what’s up?”, in addition to “app”, that is, the English abbreviation for “applications”. This chat or messaging application is for next generation phones, also called smart phones or smartphones; is an application that allows users to receive and send either messages, photos, videos, etc., to other smart devices. It should be noted that its operation is very similar to that of the most common instant messaging programs for computers.

In this messaging system, each user is identified by their mobile phone number; that is, the user registers with her phone number and then other users can add him as a contact just by saving his mobile phone number. Although it is necessary that both the sender and the recipient have the WhatsApp application installed on their smartphone. In order to enjoy WhatsApp services, you must contract a mobile internet service. And the messages are sent through the network to another device.

Whatsapp is available for smartphones such as Nokia, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry, all these devices that have the characteristic of being able to communicate with each other thanks to the fact that this application uses the data plan used for email and the Internet. and there is no cost for sending and receiving messages and to be able to keep each user in contact with other users of interest.