One of the cardinal points is known as the west, which is on the side where the sun sets, also called west or west. It is a word that, like many others, comes from Latin, specifically from the word «occĭdens», this is one of the four cardinal points, as mentioned above, which were replaced by names of Germanic origin, to «oriens» that it is east, it was transformed into “east” which means “this”; “septentriones” by “north” which means “north”; to “meridies” by the old English “suth” which means “south”; and finally «occidens» for «west» which means «west».

The West is also attributed to the region located in the western part. The term occident is used to qualify an area of ​​the world as “the western world”, or western countries; or maybe to a culture or to a set of them, even a civilization when we speak of “Western civilization”. Next we talk about the western hemisphere that is half of the terrestrial sphere, and that takes place on the west side of the Greenwich meridian, or the American continent; the word hemisphere is used in geography to call the two halves of the planet earth; the dividing line called equator is the one that delimits the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, but when a meridian is used as a divider, an eastern hemisphere and a western hemisphere are acquired. And finally, the set or group of countries that, together with the United States of America, share the same social, economic and cultural system or structure is also assigned this word.