web quest

The webquest is an instrument that is part of a teaching development directed by the main resources that come from the internet, because it protects the use of which these investigations are difficult activities that take a lot of time and that can be frustrating if the objectives The abilities are not clearly revealed and explained from the beginning, whether they are for superior knowledge, cooperative work, the autonomy of the students and includes an authentic assessment.

One of the most common activities by students on the Internet is the search for information, because with the help of search systems such as “google, altavista or yahoo”, in which these investigations are difficult activities that take a long time and can become frustrating if the objectives are not clearly revealed and explained at the outset.

Webquests is where activities are carried out that are structured and guided in which these obstacles are prevented, giving students a well-executed activity, as well as the processes and instructions that allow them to carry them out.

In this area the students take ownership of the interpretation and there are many specific specifications that the teacher has assigned to them. Doing research on web pages is a very easy and simple application, because it is simple to do, this allows both students who know how to participate and those who do not know about the Internet.

Research on the web integrates students in effective activities, which also stimulates collaboration and discussion, because it is easy to integrate into the school curriculum. On the other hand, the teacher must allude to a search content in order to write to some websites in which the students search for the information that he needs.