Washington D.C.

Washington DC (District of Columbia) is the capital of the United States, it is an entity different from the other states that make up that country and is governed by a federal government, the district has a total area of ​​68.3 square miles, it is located exactly banks of the Potomac River and is surrounded by the states of Virginia to the west and Maryland to the north, east and south.

The district of Columbia named after Christopher Columbus (in English Christopher Columbus) was founded on July 16, 1790 and for the following year the creation of a new city in the district, called Washington in honor of George Washington ( first president of the United States), the French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant, was in charge of designing what would be the new permanent capital of the American nation, after several cities had served as capital since the nation’s independence in 1776.

Currently the city and the district are considered as a single entity, for this reason it is governed by a single municipal government, this is because it is considered more practical. The District of Columbia is home to the headquarters of important national and international organizations, such as the World Bank, the IMF, OAS, among many others, including the White House (main seat of government). Due to its great relevance at the political level, the city has been a recurrent place for various demonstrations and protests, another outstanding feature is its tourism, this is due to the large number of historical and cultural monuments that are found there, such as the largest museum in the world (Smithsonian Institution) as well as universities, cathedrals, art galleries, theaters, etc.

Currently the population of the District of Columbia is 658,893, with the Washington DC metropolitan area being the eighth largest in the USA with more than 5 million residents.