The scientific name of wasabi is Wasabia japonica, Cochlearia wasabi, or also Eutrema japonica, it is a green Japanese condiment that has a pungent, rough and spicy taste, it is also known as Japanese horseradish that is found in specialties and in the Asian specialty markets where they carry fresh wasabi, which can be grated like horseradish but can also be found in paste and powder form.

Wasabi is used as a condiment in many Japanese food dishes such as sushi, sashimi or in some typical dishes that contain donburi, which is a Japanese food that is served in a bowl containing fish, meat, vegetables or other cooked ingredients. together and served over rice and has something of the flavor of the wasabi root, for its preparation the radish is mixed with its water so that they can obtain the powdered substances and you add water to it so that you get that special texture that characterizes this food.

This plant is very scarce and difficult to produce, in Japan it is often replaced by substitutes, it is a condiment that can replace wasabi because it has similar properties, which are made from horseradish to which it adds green dye and is the pasta served in most restaurants both in Japan and internationally.

Wasabi is obtained from the root of a plant that grows in water where it needs large amounts of clean water to grow, the plant is usually found in most rivers and streams.