Virtual is considered to be everything that is an imitation of a situation or person very similar to reality, this is a very common term in computer science to talk about reality built from computer or digital systems; In this way, the computer instrument that allows users to have the sensation of being immersed in a world parallel to the real one is known as “virtual reality”, this illusion is created by a computer that allows the user to participate in games through the use of a special helmet.

The origin of virtual reality does not have a well-defined time, it is the product of the union of numerous ideas and electronic discoveries that were raised in the 19th century, many years before the computers we know today were designed. According to its great acceptance by the public, virtual reality has been involved in any area of ​​human life, games have been made where you own a virtual pet which is a digital life companion that accompanies and entertains people. people for as long as they want, they are usually inside an electronic device and the user is allowed to carry out daily activities of a normal pet such as taking care of it and feeding it to prevent it from “dying”. Another aspect of human life manufactured virtually is the “intimate” life, pages and programs have been created that allow individuals to enjoy virtual sex where an erotic encounter is experienced without physical contact but with sounds that allow the individual to fly their imagination; For scholars, the virtual library was also created where you can get access to books in different formats such as doc or pdf.