Virtual infidelity

Thanks to the arrival of the technological age and the implementation of new technologies in almost all aspects of life, infidelity has also been transformed and it is now possible to find it in a virtual format, in which both committed men and women flirt through of the network with other people and that in many cases without having met before. Keep in mind that in most cases this is no more than a game, without being a real betrayal. Despite the fact that the betrayal is only the exchange of suggestive words or a personal relationship, generally this behavior is due to the same reasons. Most often, there is a history that causes someone to look for a third party in a relationship, which could be poor communication between the couple, lack of commitment, no sexual satisfaction, etc.

The internet has the particularity that it gives the person the illusion of knowing and interacting with many people, in addition to allowing the assumption of a false identity, which generates various sensations to those who act in this way that in their normal life they will probably not feel .

From a positive point of view, as well as there are means that serve as a tool to embark on the adventure of the search for love online, as is the case of the portals specialized in the search for a partner, in the same way, new technologies have also given lead to new emotional situations that may have some full impact on affectivity: In the specific case of virtual infidelity, it shows a new type of behavior which is characteristic of someone who could maintain a double life.

The unfaithful is one who, on the one hand, shows specific behaviors in their day-to-day life, while in the virtual field they will behave in a completely different way. An individual can have a stable relationship and yet seduce other people through the network. In this modality, the damage can cause deep wounds to the victim of said infidelity if they find out about the actions of their spouse.