A Violation is an act of contempt and abuse against any entity that has established for itself any rule or established precept that indicates what should be the action to be executed or the function that it must fulfill. The term rape is addressed to any scenario in which there is a violation of the present laws, it is commonly associated with situations where violence is the fundamental tool of the aggressor. One of the most talked about issues in society is rape or sexual abuse perpetrated on a defenseless being, who, seeing himself unprotected, the rapist uses force to violate the human and moral rights of this affected person.

It can also be considered a violation that incursion made by something or someone in a territory or space in which they have not been given permission to be, pass or carry out some type of action. Such is the case of airspace, if an aircraft flies over a restricted area or does not request the appropriate permission to travel through said area, the device and those who handle it are incurring an airspace violation.

A violation in legal terms presents the principle described above, with the difference that given the judicial procedure, there will always be a punitive response for those who have violated any law or right. The punishments that can be given to people who violate rules or precepts are subject to evaluations and investigations that are useful to determine guilt or punishment. Depending on the society in which we live, violations of sacred sites or of high cultural richness are charged at a high price, even, in some cases, with punishments well above those that a human rights court could propose, it all depends on the spiritual traditions and the respect society has for them.

When an agreement is reached, both parties must be clear about the terms and conditions set forth, in order to avoid misunderstandings that later end up in violations of the establishments, a practical resolution seeks a way to create conciliation mechanisms to avoid violation of the agreement, if a consideration is not achieved in the face of the fault, the corresponding punishment is carried out.