The word people comes from the Latin “populus”, this means that a people is a group of people who are considered to be a single entity, as in an ethnic group, which means a people or a nation, and also allows reference to three different concepts such as the inhabitants of a region, nation or country, where these people constitute a community that share a similar culture, but it can also be understood as the physical place on which a human body sits as a region, locality.

The town is used to designate that it is to appoint for some position in this case it is for an identification of ethnic type that is typical of a town, especially in those contexts in which a way of speaking of elementary, rustic, old town type is used or indigenous.

In the national constitutions of the different countries of the world they allow us to verify it, it also shows that it means occupying a position or having a title that would be a special participation and significance.

In the part of political theory, the people have been part of it since the times when the ancient Greeks experimented with democracy and have endured or survived until the nations and states of today. Constitutional law is the subject of national sovereignty, which is the authority of the power of the people for the entity such as popular sovereignty, although on several occasions it has been called into question due to its ambiguity, which is imprecision and misuse.