Vigorexia is an eating disorder, caused by a mental disorder, where the person becomes obsessed with their body appearance, and begins to perform a series of exercises, in order to gain muscle mass. It is a kind of inverted anorexia. This disorder is not yet considered by doctors as a disease, however, today there are many people who suffer from it.

This disorder generally occurs more in men than in women. Those affected perceive a twisted image of their body, noticing it very thin and with little muscle; so that every day they make an effort to practice sports or exercise in excess (one of them is weight lifting), in addition to continuously attending the gym and consuming all kinds of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as the abuse in the steroids to increase physical performance.

There are certain factors considered as the cause of the emergence of this disorder, many of them are of an emotional nature, related to perfectionism, or the influence of the environment that pays greater interest in the aesthetic appearance of people, causing strong anxiety in subjects, feeling out of it all. All these factors encourage the appearance of this type of mental disorders, especially in people with low self-esteem or who have suffered some kind of contempt or jokes for their physical appearance.

Some of the common symptoms of this condition are: extreme exercise, compulsive eating in order to gain muscle, looking and feeling thin, even when it’s the opposite. Low self-esteem, predilection for self-medication, continual diet modification, tendency to withdraw from friends and social life, continually weigh themselves.

Vigorexia can bring negative consequences for those who suffer from it, the vigorous person does not understand that with their attitude and bad eating habits, it can cause serious problems for their body, some of them are: kidney or liver conditions, cardiovascular injuries, prostate cancer , erectile dysfunction, decrease in fertility, disorder in the menstrual cycle in the case of ladies.

It is essential that the affected recognize that he is sick and try to seek psychological help, however this can be somewhat difficult, since like any addict, the vigorous will never recognize that he is sick until the consequences are serious.