Verbal incontinence

An individual demonstrates verbal incontinence by talking excessively without having full 100 percent attentional control over their speech as a result of excessive nervousness about a given situation.
There are people who talk a lot on a regular basis, they are people who usually take the main role in conversations by talking a lot about themselves. However, there are also people who can experience episodes of this type in a more timely manner.

Those who talk non-stop do not process what they say well and hide behind spontaneity to justify words that can often be out of place, says Uruguayan psychologist Rosaura Lagos.
Thinking before speaking is very useful not only for oneself but for the rest of the environment. «Being measured and responsible for the sayings is essential to avoid giving a bad image or being stigmatized as a charlatan.

Silence is often a better response. Take time to respond is an exercise that can be learned to carry out and surely the results will be much better from the moment we become more discreet and respectful individuals”, explains the specialist.
Do not confuse verbiage with freedom of expression. «We are free to say everything we want as long as we express ourselves correctly in every way. Verbal communication is essential, but there are those who express their comments with great cruelty without any need.

Words spoken without any thought lose their value and can often even be hurtful. We must think before we express ourselves and take into account that what we say can become counterproductive for other people, that is, we must deal with what we have said.

Those who just chat non-stop often do not process what they say correctly and often call themselves “spontaneous”, thereby justifying their words which on more than one occasion are extremely out of place and out of place.
It is important, then, to think and reason before speaking. It is highly recommended for the exhibitor and for his environment, in this way he avoids being recognized as a simple charlatan and radiates a bad image.