A Vector is a line segment that with direction and sense, represents a physical magnitude, is a fundamental part of Geometry, its graphic representation consists of an arrow, whose tip is directed in the direction of the magnitude of the study. In advanced mathematical studies, the vector is of great importance, since it is used for the study of functions and the resolution of problems in which the numerical and graphical representation of a function is sought.

A vector has the following characteristics:

Origin: When a vector is used, part of a point from which it will start to fulfill its key objective.
Length: Which is necessary for the mathematical study of the function under study, to obtain it, it is necessary to calculate the module with the points of origin and arrival respectively squared and within a root.

Address: This is displayed depending on the orientation it has in space. It can be increasing or decreasing depending on the magnitude under study.

Sense: Basically it is where the point of the arrow with which it is represented points.

A vector in basic studies can be found in the Cartesian plane, whose two dimensions allow the study of the behavior of points in order to establish parameters and responses that give the responses of the function. However, the study in 3D (in space) uses vectors as coordinate axes.

Although it is generally used in Geometry, the Vector does not cease to have an abstract meaning, which is why it is used in areas other than mathematical calculation, such as: In computer science, in biology, in the study of maps ( cartography) and many more. When the word vector is used in a context, it gives the feeling that we are going from a starting point to an arrival point. It is important to point out that the use of this word in everyday life is not common, however a philosophical concept tells us that a vector is any projective action that has variable quality and intensity. When we draw up a plan, a goal or a strategy to reach an already established objective, we create a mental vector directed to the mission that we propose.