Vasodilation is the opposite process to vasoconstriction in which the blood vessels receive an external influence and they increase in size to form a more hollow cavity and allow greater blood flow. Vasodilation is the main principle of blood flow stimulants, which are useful for improving blood traffic in areas of the body that, due to conditions, or if a process of vasoconstriction has begun over time. The pathways through which the blood passes represent a current of vital fluid (blood) in the human being, for its correct functioning it should not be dilated or obstructed, but in the event that there is a blockage in the vein, it is necessary to resort to the processes of dilatation of the duct.

These expansion processes are generally thermal. The thermoregulation of the blood vessels through the application of heat allows the expansion of the vessels towards the walls of the vein, clearing the way for the compromised fluid. However, the application of clinical vasodilation has taken over a field of study that is currently a point of reference in society, such as erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction consists in the absence of the correct path of blood through the cavernous tissues of the penis, although it is true that in most cases there is no constriction that prevents the filling of the penis with blood to erect there is no stimulus complex that allows the filling of the adipose body with fluid. Medicines such as sildenafil, tadafil (in its commercial presentations «Viagra and Cialis») act as a vasodilation agent of the blood conducting veins, leaving free passage (after sexual stimulation) to the correct dilation of the blood vessels of the penis.

The spontaneous vasodilation of a tissue implies the rapid and premature response of this to establish a greater but required blood flow, strong emotions, such as joy, despair, lead to a greater work of the heart when pumping blood, which brings as a consequence a widening of the veins to make way for a more consistent and strong flow.