A Variable is an object with a certain identity, but the environment that surrounds it forces it to vary around the conditions that arise. One of the applications that is most given to the term is in mathematics, since, when we are presented with an equation, it is in order to give a fixed and exact value to one or more variables, this condition allows the resolution of problems are easier. Equations are the simplest ways to mathematically operate complex situations, in which exact quantities must be determined for precise values. The variables are usually the answers that are given to the problems.

From a more social point of view, the term variable corresponds in a certain way as in mathematics, without numbers of course, but the variables include each and every one of the situations, circumstances, options and ways of solving a problem. The term comes from the Latin «Variabilis, it refers to «Variety«, with this we emphasize the idea that the variables are nothing more than alternatives to take a path, of course, from here on the concept is purely abstract , since it has the ability to adapt to any situation no matter how well versed it may be. In the universe of things, which includes the explanation of each life situation, it could be affirmed that each variable has an answer, however, this will always be an affirmation without a clear foundation.

The variables are diversified according to the use that they are given, for example, if you have the nominal value for a variable, it is not necessary to search for its value through any function or expression that tells me how to do it. The variables that express a relationship with some characteristics qualify the conditions of something that is always that way, if its behavior or functions are altered, it will become of another quality. Computer science, astronomy, chemistry, physics in any of its denominations, use the term to refer to changes in the study that is being carried out.