ut above

Ut supra is a Latin word that can literally be defined as “as above.” The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy exposes the term as the date, clause or phrase written above that is found in certain documents, and avoid its repetition. This Latin and Spanish expression is usually used in judicial resolutions and in forensic writings to refer to a previously inserted passage, in other words, this means something that has already been said before or above.

Ut supra is commonly used in law, when in a particular document it is not desired, or it is avoided to repeat what was said before. the phrase “date up supra” means that this has been carried out on the same day that the other actions consigned in given folio have been carried out. It is also adopted in the judicial order with the same meaning, essentially in documents that begin with the date and when referring to it conclude with the term up supra. It should be noted that it is widely used in Roman law, since these Latin expressions are very common in this branch and in its texts. On the other hand we can find ut infra which literally means “as below” or referral; this tells the reader to review the next paragraph or page, that is, later in the same text.

In the musical environment this word is also used, used for the same purpose as «as above», «as before». And finally there is an Argentine website or legal website called Utsupra.com, which claims to be exclusive to the judiciary of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.