Universal is a simple adjective relative to the universe. I name it simple not because it is, but because it refers to everything that exists in the world, what belongs to the universe and what contains it is a whole in which one lives. The word Universal comes from the Latin universālis, however, the term Universal is used in the world of commerce and the creation of things to denote objects compatible with everything, an example of this: The generic battery charger is Universal, since it is used to charge any cell phone battery. For this use of the word Universal, they consider certain characteristics that are subjected to a statistical study.

On the other hand, Universal can be used to talk about something or someone who has acquired a position or world recognition, for which he is considered universally famous and well-known, for example, «Nelson Mandela is a Universal symbol of peace», «Love it is a universal feeling that every person in the world feels in their heart» it is common to use the term also to say some concept that we all understand regardless of the language used.

Some consider that the concept of the universal word is used for public purposes, to define a sense of impropriety that is permanent everywhere, when saying, “The air is universal for everyone” we refer to something that, being universal, does not it belongs to someone

Finally, there is a company in the United States dedicated to the production of events, music, television series and movies called Universal Studios. This famous company with more than 50 years of experience has framed the concept of the word Universal to its company, so it is easy to associate “Universal” with this renowned factory of stars.