In the last 500 years this term has been used with a trend of regular use, occupying a position of 26,880 in the lists of terms of queries of printed and digital dictionaries of sources in Spanish. Term that means that it does not have an extension and cannot be extended for a stipulated duration, when the period of validity arrives, it loses its application or is not valid, since the initial period that was established is not extendable. In procedural law it is said that the jurisdiction cannot be extended or extended, that for the purposes of the term it is considered expired, losing the process and the appeal, which cannot be claimed in any way.

A decision that is made and that does not accept any variant in the process or in the time it should last, a fact that by a judicial resolution rules out the possibility of prolonging said process, since legally it is an established term for an effect to be produced. of law, either of a current contract or the extinction of the rights over something, coming to expire. An example of this is the stipulated time to cancel a debt, whether personal or legal, having a start and end time period agreed or stipulated in advance to settle it, a fact that cannot be extended and compensation for the fact is required. aggravated. The same happens when making a lease of a home or commercial premises from 6 months to one year, non-extendable time for eviction, it is important to know and understand that even if the property is not used, the duty is to pay the fees that generate the leasing of the home or commercial premises, and that in the same way the circumstances unrelated to this do not change the aforementioned decree.

It is a fact something that is considered truthful, certain, true since it is going to arrive and that a date is met, a purpose that does not have an after. The rights of human beings to have an education, health, housing and quality of life are essential non-extendable duties that the government, the state and society must ensure, so that they are correctly carried out.