Tyranny is a form of government, exercised by a tyrant. A tyrant is a person who, with the power conferred by this type of government, commits all kinds of human rights abuses and many more. The tyranny works in an autocratic way, the governments that have developed with these characteristics are dictatorial, these governments position themselves with characteristics that their followers seem to be positive. Populism is one of the main weapons of tyrants to gain the affection of their followers, who are people in need of something that, despite being little by little, the ruler pleases.

The domain of a tyranny in a government is obtained through a revolution, these events will always be accompanied by bloodshed, injustice and blows to the general staff. One of the most significant tyrannies in the world has been the one that caused the Second World War, its tyrant, Adolf Hitler, who largely dominated and destroyed what he called “Nazi Germany”, he was the creator of that whole movement and was responsible for all kinds of abuses against the country’s Jewish population. The autocratic decisions of a tyrant must be fully complied with by the members of the institution that he directs, otherwise the punishments are even death.

Today, with the promotion of democracy, tyrannies have been almost completely abolished, other types of governments that fall back on absolutism and generate civil wars are called tyrannies, given the characteristic scenes of abuse experienced by the people. Tyranny is a very perpetual domain of situations that are adverse to what the tyrant wants. The struggles for this type of government to end completely turned out to be eternal. The case of Cuba, a country in the middle of the Caribbean that was “Liberated” from a tyranny to fall into a worse military monarchy that keeps the inhabitants of that nation imprisoned in their own country suffering the negligence desired by those who command this nation is one of the most palpable examples of tyranny today.