Typography is the technique of writing, using different designs of letters and calligraphy, in order to highlight what you want to communicate. It is very useful in the field of advertising or marketing, where the visual part is essential when generating a reaction from the public. It handles everything related to symbols, numbers and letters that can be printed on physical or digital media.

What is Typography

It is the style or appearance of the text. On the other hand, it refers to the art of working with it. It is something that is always done when creating documents or other projects, for work or school. Typography is everywhere you look; in books, websites, signs and notices, on road signs and product packaging. This word is derived from the Latin “typographer” that arises from the union of three components that are “types” which means “mold” and “graphos” which can be said to refer to “write or record” and the suffix “ia” which it is similar to “quality or action”.

typography types


In graphic design, great importance is given to images and colors, there is a fundamental element, and that sometimes goes unnoticed, such as letter classes. The design, appearance and dimensions depend on the style. There are many types, and several of them are listed below:


They are ornaments usually located at the ends of the lines of the typographic characters.


They offer a modern typography to the design.


They simulate handwriting, like vintage typography, giving the designs a playful touch.


It contains Greek characters, mathematical and punctuation marks as well as other special figures designed in the same style as Times New Roman.


They are usually very traditional processes, their main advantage is that they can transmit many sensations.


They are rounded fonts and ideal for projects related to children, alphabet typeface to be well understood by them.

Meaning of fonts

Different typefaces have a personality and an effect on how a message is received. Different styles of letters convey different values, and we can see this in tattoo typography, also in instagram typography, each one has its own personality.

However, there are several reasons why this lettering technique is important; it transmits sensations, since the choice of font can affect the way a text is understood, on the one hand it can convey rigor while another is more suitable for fun messages. It also concentrates on reading, in the sense that it invites the reader to focus on the content.

Typography Catalog

In this letter printing technique, the design, appearance and dimensions of the type depend on this specialty. It is possible to differentiate the different branches or divisions in this art, such as creative printing, which is the one that investigates graphic forms beyond the linguistic purpose of signs, publication design is linked to properties, regulations, detail typography or microtypography that is the one that interprets the following incarnates as the letters, the space between the letters and between the words, the line spacing, the italic typography and the column.

The following catalog will see the most relevant fonts:

5 pages to get free online fonts

There are websites that are popular for having a wide variety of free online designs and beautiful letters that help improve and give a personal touch to the work, from then on five web pages are listed:

  • Google Fonts – Google Fonts
  • Dafont – Download Fonts
  • 1001 Free Fonts – Download Fonts
  • Urban Fonts – Free fonts
  • Behance – Download

Frequently Asked Questions about Typography

When should we use a typeface?

Designs in writing tell their own story, from pictograms to symbols to script manifesting in social and cultural movements. It is for this reason that this style of calligraphy is used at any time and in the writing that is desired. Keeping in mind that choosing the right font for your designs will help stimulate visual recognition of what you want to convey.

What is Typography in graphic design?

It is defined as the art or technique of reproducing communication through the printed word, conveying words with a certain skill, elegance and efficiency. Typography is the reflection of an era.

How to use a font correctly?

Both in the choice and in the combination, it is necessary to follow a series of guidelines:

  • Choose a font family: keep the variations; width and thickness of the letters and font.
  • Avoid italics, bold and capital letters.
  • Choose a letter with different designs that allows you to play without losing consistency.
  • Always legible: the writing must be read clearly and correctly.
  • Do not abuse the spacing.
  • Take care of the colors and backgrounds.

How to install a font on the computer?

In Windows, in the “Control Panel” there is an option called “Typefaces” or “Fonts”. When you open it, a folder will appear with all the fonts you have previously installed. To install new fonts, it is enough to copy the files of the new font and uninstall them. There are several programs that automate and simplify the task of installing and uninstalling fonts, such as Suitcase (by Extensis), FontExplorer (Linotype), Typograf (Neuber), or FontNavigator (Bitstream).

What are the most used fonts?

There are fonts that work for certain types of projects, so they are being adopted as favorites, that’s how this list of most used fonts in graphic design is created.

  • Helvetica.
  • Future.
  • Vanguard.
  • Garamond.
  • Bodoni.
  • Franklin Gothic.
  • Myriad.
  • Bickham script.
  • to come
  • They bring.