Twitter is one of the most famous social networks that exists today, this is the place where many people around the world share information through instant messaging. Twitter is a term in English that in our language means “trill” or “twitter”; is a free microblogging network web application that has the advantages of blogs, instant messaging and social networks. This interesting form of communication allows us to get in touch in real time with people of interest through text messages, also called tweets, that do not exceed 140 characters.

The social network was founded in March 2006 by Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass, students at Cornell University in New York; three of them were the first co-founders of the company Obvious, which would later become Twitter Inc. Currently, Jack Dorsey, co-founder, is the president of the company and the team is made up of around 18 people.

Twitter works in a simple way, it is about sending and receiving messages or micromessages due to its character limits that are only 140, to be able to use this social network you must open a totally free account in which you will have a name preceded by “@”. After opening the account, you will be assigned a profile where you can be aware of your follow-ups, also called following profile in English, and of your followers or followers profile, you can also search for friends, family, artists or other people of interest; Twitter also offers other options such as inviting friends by email, searching other social networks or selecting recommended users.

Several terms that are used in this social network are: trending topic or most popular topics are the most booming and most mentioned topics of the moment; followers or followers are the people who follow an account; Hashtags are the phrases that begin using the pound symbol (#) and retweeting is sharing a message or news that has been published by another person through the account.