The term ancestry is used to name everything that exceeds a certain limit or that goes beyond what is known, it is said that it is a need of human beings, because according to some philosophers such as Maslow they affirm that the needs of man throughout Throughout his life they always change and grow, since every time he manages to satisfy one of them, others appear with a greater degree of difficulty to prevail, becoming primordial.

There are two areas in which transcendence can be represented, such are the cases of religion and philosophy. In religion it is used to refer to everything that exceeds the limits of the material world, since it is in an infinite world or a divine world, in general, transcendence is usually associated with God, since he is in a superior world. earthly and his presence is infinite and perfect. On the other hand, in philosophy, it is used to describe everything that is above consciousness and the limits of nature.

According to Maslow, human beings are made up of a spiritual, physical and sociological body and any problem that occurs in one of them will have immediate consequences in the others, which is why in his theory he proposes the term hierarchy, for that way to organize the needs of the different bodies already mentioned. Maslow represented such ordering in the form of a pyramid, placing the most important needs (security, philosophical, social, self-esteem, etc.) at the bottom, while development needs are at the top (transcendence).

As mentioned above, transcendence is a human need, despite the fact that man has a finite nature, he is always in search of the perfection of everything that is and what surrounds him, from the beginning of life on earth the man has sought to transcend, a clear example of this is procreation by transmitting his genotype and phenotype, also feeling an important part of history by performing feats that were believed impossible but in the end are achieved and overcome.