Traffic jam

It is known as traffic jam to the massive permanence of numerous vehicles that is commonly caused by an increase in the fluctuation of automobiles on common roads, traffic can also be caused by unexpected or fortuitous accidents, faulty signage and other aspects that can influence traffic. automobile transport. According to the nation in which the traffic jam is located, it can receive numerous names, for example: Venezuela is called a queue, in Guatemala it is a lock, a jam in Ecuador and Spain, a traffic jam in Colombia and so on.

Of all the names that are known, they all have the same purpose, to identify the increase in the fully saturated automobile flow, reaching a point where the vehicle has to be completely stopped, mainly harming the hours invested and the gasoline consumed on a trip. scheduled. This situation in the urban area is observed more than anything in the “peak” hours, are those times of entry and exit shared by numerous people in their work area, being all at the same time within the same roads causes traffic jam .

The consequences that result from a traffic jam are numerous, mainly vehicular congestion leads to the triggering of massive accidents, which is contradictory since the cars are immobile for a certain period of time; This is because the driver, desperate to get to his destination quickly, loses control by staying static in the middle of the road. Although there are numerous accidents, these are usually not serious since drivers in the middle of a traffic jam drive at a low speed.