trade change

Commercial exchange is that economic transaction that has been developed since the beginning of centuries, almost since the appearance of man on the face of the earth. At present, these exchanges have had a great development, since thanks to globalization transactions can be carried out from anywhere on the planet, something that was not even thought of years ago. It is necessary to consider that the sum of the possibilities that a region can offer and the combination of elements produced make the perfect climate for negotiations. Many of the products and services that are so necessary for everyday life could only be achieved thanks to free world trade.

It was from the middle of the 20th century that the commercial exchange began to grow but since the 1990s, the countries began to open up to the world and thus their economies. So today almost no country remains oblivious to what happens outside its borders.

It is necessary to refer to other forms of exchange that are not necessarily economic. However, daily use and the different scopes obtained make this process clear and relevant in our lives.

The commercial exchange is also made between countries of the world and is known as international trade, which consists of buying and selling goods, services or products and for which a customs duty must be paid, either for export and import, according to the case.

To protect the economies of their countries, the leaders have decided to eliminate some customs duties and instead have agreed common tariffs, in order to freely allow the transfer and circulation of merchandise and products, to economically maintain relations with their direct competition.