Torture is pain caused on purpose. Who tortures someone, he does it because he wants, must and can. It is one of the most famous punishment methods in the world throughout history, it has shown us that in different cultures torture is applied for purposes not only for punishment, but also for sacrifice, this is due to the realization sacred rituals with which they offer tributes to a certain deity (in their opinion). Torture consists of making a person or an animal feel very strong pain, making it suffer, taking into account leaving it alive in order to continue torturing.

Tortures can be physical, causing the tortured person to feel pain in the body, they are usually carried out by burning the person, whipping them, subjecting the body to blows, mutilations and lacerations to its maximum expression. These mechanisms of torture are for various purposes, among which the pleasure of the person who tortures stands out. There are people who feel an incredible ecstasy when they torture and mistreat someone else, these sick behaviors are dangerous, since there are known cases of people who kidnap their innocent victims with the purpose of carrying out all kinds of moral spoils with the body of the victim. person.

On the other hand, there are psychological tortures, which are based on mistreatment of the person’s psyche and mind; a person can be psychologically tortured by making him remember negative events that he has had in life, things that due to their horrific characteristics, it is necessary to forget them to live in peace, inflict fear. One of the most common tortures in the mental realm is guilt. When a person inadvertently performs an action that disadvantages another, guilt invades thought, making this a confusion between morality and lies.

There are people who self-torture, in order to give themselves pleasure or to make themselves pay for some bad action done towards another person. Currently, the global human rights commission has signed pacts and agreements with the largest number of countries and representatives of cultures in order to end the practices in which people are tortured.