To know

It is known that the etymology of the word Saber comes from the Latin “sapere” which means “to have intelligence or knowledge about something”. The action, fact or effect of knowing something cannot be enclosed with a defined concept, since it depends on the perspective of each person.

However, this word is used daily to indicate that a person is notified or acquired knowledge about a specific topic, or also to refer to the wisdom that an individual has about something, therefore knowing something refers to the knowledge that each who has with respect to a defined and particular matter, then we can conclude that knowledge, wisdom and knowledge are synonyms.

You can get to know or know about a topic or subject either by your own means and lived experiences, or because someone else makes you a participant in their knowledge, that is, through education, either in a practical or theoretical way that someone else can implement on you. Knowledge can be taken as an objective representation of a lived reality or that another person tells you.

Knowledge cannot be reduced solely to a type of learning as such, whether it is implemented in a school or comes from education acquired at home, knowledge is a set of everything we see, hear, feel, smell, study , we practice, etc. That is, it is everything that remains in our memory and we have the knowledge that is in it. It also depends on the world that surrounds us, the civilization, tradition, authority and culture of the community in which we live, since knowledge evolves from person to person depending on the experiences and situations that arise in their day to day, that is to say knowledge is not inherited, it is acquired over time.

Knowledge then encompasses all that information about knowledge developed and accumulated on different topics and that depends on the interest of each individual, but that together complement each other to explain the process of intellectual development of each person, also perceiving it as a personal but particular instrument of evolution. and only.