To export

It is the action of taking a product to an external entity in which it was created or, previously, exported. Exporting is one of the strategies that emerged for the satisfaction of the population that resides in a certain locality, since it is not capable of satisfying its population by itself. has the prefix “former” (out) and “I will carry” (carry). Its development dates back to ancient times, where the economy of small villages benefited from its good products and its export, which previously developed as one of the great powers and economic strategies that help entire countries to maintain themselves.

The trade balance and exports are a measure that records the monetary value of exports and imports, being positive when much more is exported than is imported, and negative when more is imported than is exported. The act of exporting can be done in different ways and means, and even a semi-finished item can be sent for another company to manufacture definitively.

To start this type of business, a company must enter a country, which benefits from being in a good commercial area, the advantage of company ownership and internationalization. The investment cost is very low, and when the company is larger the export opportunities are greater, so this is, in a way, the strategy of entering a company into another country. Its development stage consists of three stages, among which are: initial commitment, where companies distribute their products in the domestic industry and are aspiring to export; initial export, where companies export items for periods; advanced, when exports always occur, that is, the exporting company has solidified its business. However, there are different errors that can be observed, due to managerial oversights or lack of qualified advice, as well as failures in the business plan.