To differ

Diferir is a voice that comes from the Latin «differre», which means «to carry in different directions, to disperse, to be different, to delay», it is a verb that is formed from the union of the prefix «dis» that refers to the separation multi-way or dispersed, plus the verb “ferre” which means to bear, carry or produce. According to the dictionary of the real Spanish academy, the word differ has three meanings, where one of them states that it is the postponement or postponement in the realization or elaboration of a particular act. It should be noted that differ is a word commonly used in different contexts and areas of daily life.

Another of the possible meanings of the entry differ, is used to express when something is distinguished or is different from two or more things in certain aspects. The same happens when we talk about people, it is understood that to differ is to disagree with a person on a specific matter. Then it can be said that these differences that occur when differing can be with an individual or thing, due to its shape, color, texture, taste, function, smell etc.

In the accounting field, it is known as deferred assets, those payments that are made through profits not yet used, an example of this are the investments that a certain company makes when it is installed. On the other hand, when we talk about deferred checks, it is to refer to the payment orders that are made by a given client who is the owner of said account to the bank in question, in order to accredit the amount consigned in the document according to whom it was issued.