The word timocracy was developed in ancient Greece and referred to a system of government, where the only ones who have the opportunity to be part of it are those who have certain capital or certain assets; otherwise they will not be able to form part of the government. This system was proposed in the sixth century by the statesman and legislator Solon in the constitution of Athens.

Solón considered that laws should be created where rights will be granted to citizens, depending on their economic power or social class. In this way, the individuals who had more money enjoyed some rights and the warriors others. In a certain way, those who were military represented a special caste, which had access to power.

From a philosophical perspective, great thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle or Socrates meditated on the most appropriate government systems to establish in societies and coincidentally agreed that democracy was not the most appropriate, since they thought that, over time, the government of the people could end up sunk in corruption. When Plato refers to timocracy, he visualizes a government run by the military, who act guided by a sense of honor.

However, Plato does not consider this system of government as the most suitable since the most desirable thing would be for governments to be led by philosophers and sages, since they would be guided by truth and justice. The truth is that for this philosopher, timocracy is full of imperfections and a deviation from what should really be a good government.

These reflections of Plato should not be taken into account as simple reflections; It should be remembered that in the course of history many nations have been governed by the military, who have assumed power motivated by a sense of honor. However, it is worth saying that many of these governments have failed in their way of exercising power, since many of them have fallen into totalitarianism.

There is no doubt that the best form of government is one in which the people choose who will represent them in government and that any citizen has the opportunity to apply for these positions; that is to say that those who wish to have access to power should only be chosen through the popular vote.