Theology is the science that studies God, this dogma, was proposed by Plato and followed by Aristotle. It comes from the combination of the Greeks “Theos” which means “God” and “Logos” which is “Study”, knowledge. This science, applied throughout the world, has given fantastic and poetic answers to the great questions of society, namely: Where does man come from? How was the world and the universe created? of death? Where is God? What is the soul? Among many others, which scientifically have not been able to be answered, and those that have, not with the precision and accuracy with which questions about issues seen and analyzed by man since its inception are answered.

Theology has had a very important force and expansion in the world, since the lack of veracity of scientists and scholars who did not share this science was not enough, either due to errors in the evidence or due to lack of technology. Theology crosses the seas and is positioned in each religion of the different pockets of society that have settled, creating customs based on the Gods and beliefs that they practice.

Today theology has been compromised, thanks to the verification and study of the questions that theology answered with supernatural events.

This does not mean that Theology was in charge of responding in this way because it was easy, on the contrary, the philosophers who proposed it did so with a cultural sense, widely demarcated with cultures. The passions of Christ, all the stories of the Bible, are a key foundation in Christian theology, but instead of the exact sciences, which are based on clear knowledge, theology has as its main basis the faith of those who study and practice it.

Throughout history, theology has served both to do good, founding strong temples and churches of praise and practice of ideologies of faith, as well as to instill evil, thanks to the abuse of its supernatural characteristics, and the ignorance of the people.