The word theocracy refers to governmental systems that are based on religious beliefs, that is, according to them, it is God who governs religion and aspects of political and economic life and everything that has to do with the country.

For the theocrat, all political and religious decisions are governed by a God and there is no separation between these two aspects.

The term theocracy is composed of two words that come from the Greek, Teo which means ‘God’ and cracia ‘government’. This government is characterized by exercising power having under its command political and religious issues at the same time, making decisions that concern these aspects and that go parallel to each other in terms of their ideology.

It is for this reason that in this system it is God who has and exercises his power, making decisions, or failing that, God himself manifests his authority through ministers or representatives who work on his behalf. In theocracy there is no division or separation between the state and the religious institution.

Theocracy is one of the oldest political systems, it is a form of government that has existed on the planet since the beginning of time, since it must be taken into account that during Antiquity and during the Middle Ages religions of the world occupied a central place and were those that organized daily life, social practices, customs and ways of thinking of society.

At present, theocratic systems are discussed, since other forms of government such as democratic or parliamentary, since they seek to open the representation and political participation of the whole society, consider them forms of government that do not work.

It is important to emphasize that in the theocracy there is no change of power, that is, no one can stand as a candidate for anything, there are no direct elections of representatives through popular vote, among other things.

Although this system is practically extinct, it is normal to find that some states in the Middle East, Africa and even the Vatican, are governed by the theocratic idea that whoever governs them is directly linked to the God of their belief.