The Blue Whale (game)

Blue Whale is an online game with negative content, which is blamed for incidents of suicide among teenagers, apparently as a result of the game’s rules. Its transmission began through the internet in May 2016 and began on the Russian social networks vkontakte. The expression Blue Whale, is about the phenomenon of the stranding of cetaceans, which is compared to suicide. This challenge comes from Russia and has numerous groups on social networks.

The game was founded by the Russian Philipp Budeikin, he was a former psychology student who was dismissed from the university. Budeikin assured that the reason why he created the game was to try to purge society, inciting anyone who he thought was useless to suicide. The blue whale game began in 2013 as F57, one of the pseudonyms of the aforementioned group of death. At first, the suicide cases reported in Russia failed to determine that it had a direct link to the game.

The game consists of inviting children and adolescents to complete a test every day for fifty consecutive days. That is what the so-called online tutors are for, who manage fake Facebook accounts to distribute messages with the challenges determined for each of them, through that social network, or through WhatsApp in private groups.

The game is based on a link where the participating players and the leaders are associated. One of the tests that they placed consisted of making incisions in the arms. Some of these tasks can be facilitated in advance, while thirds can be assigned by the leaders the same day, the last challenge placed is suicide. After several investigations, the first case of suicide that was connected with the game was known and it originated in Russia in 2015. The authorities discovered a total of 130 cases of suicide that are directly related to the game of the blue whale. .