Thanksgiving Day is an indigenous celebration of the northern countries, specifically Canada and the United States, in which God is thanked with a great banquet for all the good and abundance in the family, it is a tribute to honor with a good meal which is shared as a family, usually with a roast turkey as the main meal. The history of Thanksgiving dates back to between the 14th and 15th centuries, when European settlers began to arrive in the Americas. Given the joy and emotion produced by having arrived safely after such a complicated and unpredictable journey to unknown lands, the captains of the ships organized parties to thank God for having allowed them to arrive alive. The ships of the settlers were provided with everything necessary to celebrate, however, they decided to share their tradition and joy with the inhabitants of the new land they found.

The miscegenation began and with the wine also the settlement of the colony, immediately afterwards the customs were mixed, adding the cultural characteristics of the local region to those brought from Europe and that is how the turkey enters history, the dances, songs and expressions of gratitude for the arrival of good harvest times at the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Today civilization has advanced and evolved in the way of behaving, Thanksgiving is celebrated in a more modest way among families and close friends, of course, in non-agricultural cities, Thanksgiving is used to thank the abundance of money, good health and prosperity in the family. It is very important to point out that despite being a celebration with the same characteristics in the two northern regions where it is celebrated, they are held on two different dates. In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of every November, while in Canada it is celebrated earlier, specifically on the second Monday of every October.