Tertiary sector company

They are companies dedicated to providing services (trade, transport, tourism, health, etc.) to satisfy the different requirements of the consumer, that is, they are in charge of organizing, distributing and selling the products that are manufactured by companies in the primary and secondary sector They are called tertiary sector companies not because they are less important than those of the other sectors, but because they are the last link in the chain of production and distribution of a product.

The services offered by these organizations are very varied, among the most important we can mention tourism, which offers the service of carrying out leisure activities outside the usual place of residence for a certain time.

Companies in the transport sector are those in charge of moving people, objects and animals from one place to another, using different types of vehicles (cars, boats, planes, trains, etc.). The development of these companies in recent years has been remarkable, driven by technological advances and the constant increase in population and trade, occupying an important place in the economy of the countries.

Product trading companies are also considered essential in this sector since they are in charge of carrying out transactions related to the purchase and sale of any product from companies in the primary and secondary sector, these transactions can be carried out both Inside and outside the borders of a country and depending on the quantity of the product offered, they can be wholesale (sales of a large number of the product) or retail (buying the product from wholesale companies), when these companies perform functions only within the country where it is located is called internal trade and its main objective is to satisfy the needs of the internal market, through the distribution of products in the different establishments that are in said country.

These companies are of great importance in the economy since they are in charge of commercializing the finished products of the other sectors, satisfying the needs of the market and in turn of the consumer, offering high quality products making the life of those who use said product more pleasant. .