Terrorism is a dogma that has been used in peoples around the world since ancient times with the aim of intimidating, threatening and killing the inhabitants of a locality. Terrorism is used to sow fear in the environment. Currently there are countries that are victims of constant threats from terrorist groups that want to position their forces on the governments in force. The purpose of these organizations that are in charge of doing Terrorism is always political, change, destabilization, new economic proposals, in order to feed and keep the organization active.

Terrorism is an act of rebellion against regimes that contract ideologies that terrorists consider wrong, so they violently cause death, destruction, laziness, hunger, terror, pain, abandonment and more. The reasons for terrorism are not only political, in the Middle East they link terrorism with religion, since the term is related to death and religion is used in those countries as something sacred and certain doctrines urge people to carry out this type of acts. In addition to that, the favorite targets of terrorists in this part of the world are the centers of spiritual concentration (Mosques). Terrorism is fundamentally based on the vulnerability of a population to attack it. The defense systems of those locations that are constantly besieged by terrorism are terrible, so they are appropriate targets to sow the seeds of hatred, resentment and misunderstanding of terrorism.