Teriyaki is a method of cooking meat that was invented in Japan, the food is roasted in an oven but previously marinated in a mixture of sauces and liquids native to this Asian country. According to its etymology, the term comes from the combination of two words, “Teri” which means “Brightness” that is, the color, flavor, aroma or texture that the liquid in which the piece of beef is marinated can give, chicken or fish, and “Yaki” which means “Roasted”.

The traditional technique does not contemplate leaving the meat submerged for a long time in the liquid, there is even talk that it is enough to prick and bathe or paint with a brush, but many cooks adopted teriyaki in a more extreme way to deepen the flavor of the added compounds according to technique.

The ingredients used to prepare the mixture are basically sweet: White Rice Wine, slightly sweet, Sake, an alcoholic beverage derived as well as Mirin from fermented Rice. The use of soy sauce and ginger is also common, which despite having Chinese origins, was diversified by various cultures of that continent. All these liquids are placed in a pot over low heat, preventing it from drying out too much but allowing it to reduce enough to intensify the flavor, then the meat is passed through this preparation (for as long as the chef considers prudent) and then it is wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the oven, the time varies according to the type of meat and the point at which it is desired.

Teriyaki is not an inflexible method of cooking, on the contrary, it allows other ingredients to be added, such as garlic sauce, peppers, and mushroom waters such as mushrooms for its preparation. In the American market, a sauce is distributed that already has the complete compounds so that the teriyaki is made at once without the need to mix. The sake can be replaced by white wine or red wine and a broth can be prepared with vegetables that intensify the flavor of the meat when it goes into the oven.