Teaser is defined as an advertising format that is also known as Intrigue Campaign whose main objective is to anticipate any type of campaign, for which it offers only small portions of information about a product; This type of advertising is very frequent in the launching of a product or service and can take various formats, an example of which can be seen in advertisements in which the promoted product or service is never revealed. With this format it is sought that the advertising message is presented as a kind of enigma, in order to provoke curiosity and expectation in users and even more so today where the virality offered by the Internet is used and in this way its content is ensured. media repercussion once in later advertisements the story that is told in it ends.

In this type of advertising it is revealed in the teaser, considering the message as an enigma in order to clearly arouse curiosity and expectation in potential consumers or users of the product that is being promoted and of course takes advantage of the enormous diffusion that they provide. some media such as the internet, film and television. In other words, the purpose is to ensure the repercussion in the media before it is known in a concrete way what the product is about. On the other hand, in terms of duration, it is very short when it comes to an audiovisual teaser, approximately between 30 and 60 seconds, and nothing about the content of the film or the product will be told in it, in the specific case of promote a film, what is sought is to let everyone know that the premiere of the film is coming or not what it is about.

Undoubtedly, services and products make frequent use of this type of technique, however it has also become a very popular strategy within the film industry, with the aim of promoting films to come, especially those more expected and have high budgets, as mentioned above, the famous blockbusters have a high-end production and a millionaire promotion budget. In this case, the purpose is not to tell the future viewer about the plot of the film, but rather to update them on the proximity of the premiere.