Teaching category

In the teaching career, there are a series of classifications that give professionals in the field a certain degree of superiority over others. The rank they receive is based on the years of experience you have, in addition to all the courses you have taken and that mean a benefit to your career. It is of the utmost importance that these recognitions are up to date, since they can bring economic benefits to those who possess them, in addition to allowing the state to monitor the years that the teacher has been practicing and in the event that he or she holds a public position, find the most propitious occasion to retire it. It should be noted that the years and the number of ranks that are officially arranged vary according to the country, since this is governed by a series of laws on education.

In the case of Venezuela, there are 6 possible ranks to achieve, starting with the one called Teacher I, which is obtained immediately when starting to exercise the title. Similarly, the other degrees are conditioned by a series of characteristics that include constant academic training, permanent stay in the career and years of service. However, to enter the workplace, you have to take a professional initiation course (lasting 8 to 14 weeks) and a training program, in which you will begin to practice teaching during a school year, with all that this implies, as well as a series of workshops and specialization courses.