The teacher, professor or facilitator is the person who imparts their knowledge based on a certain science or art. Although, the term teacher, as the teacher is sometimes called, is one that is recognized as having an amazing ability in the subject matter, which is why a teacher cannot be a teacher or vice versa. However, everyone must have a series of pedagogical skills to become agents of the learning process of a society.

The term teacher comes from the Latin “teacher” and in its present participle conjugation means to teach. It is important to point out that there are teachers at different levels, everything will depend on their level of education, for example, there is primary, secondary, tertiary and university, all of these can work in both public and private institutions.

Just as there are teachers at different levels, it is also worth emphasizing that these can be classified according to the subjects they teach in the study centers. For this reason, there are teachers with specializations in Mathematics, History, Biology, Chemistry, among others.

Teaching is a purely interactive activity, since in order to be carried out, students and knowledge about a subject are needed. There are theories that indicate that the teacher has the obligation to transmit everything he knows to his students through resources, techniques and support tools.

The role that the teacher plays in society is very important, since he is the person who imparts knowledge, values ​​and gives society tools to be better citizens, that is why he must fulfill a series of functions such as:

  • Ethical and social role: the teacher to impart to students a set of values, attitudes that help students make a reference about what to do and what not to do in society.
  • Manager: it is necessary for the teacher to seek to manage student learning so that they seek formulas that allow them to play an active and participatory role within the community.
  • Technique: to help students adequately use the technological tools that appear over time.
  • An interdisciplinary function, which allows working in collaboration with other professionals with educational ties.

The teaching professional is responsible for the objectives sought in the class he teaches, as well as the trust, respect and tolerance that must be instilled in students for a better development in the community and to be transmitted to third parties.