Talent is a term used to refer to that particular quality that a person may possess in a specific field, due to the fact that he or she performs with great ease in that activity. Somehow a talented person is able to exploit their full potential in doing the job they do best. In most cases, these skills are handled in the artistic and intellectual areas in which a person can develop, and thanks to their possibilities, they can stand out highly in the area they dominate.

This is a notion that goes hand in hand with the individual faculty in which an occupation that for some is difficult, it turns out that for the talented person in that field it is a very easy activity to perform, as is the case with artists, both actors and singers. They have the ability to perform very well in front of the public or in front of a camera, and perhaps for someone else this is a challenge and it may be due to stage fright or fear of making a fool of themselves.

In fact, this is an expression that is directly linked to the innate ability of each person, that is, each individual is talented in certain fields and it is because it is part of their nature, although there are also cases in which it is practice that entails to the success of the development of said work, however in these cases the effort is greater and requires a greater willingness to learn. For example, in the field of sports there are always those people trained to exercise better and who have great ability to put it in some way handling a ball, in the case of footballers or basketball players. In those cases, opinions are heard such as Leonel Messi has a natural talent on the field, and it is due to his skill as an athlete.

In many studies carried out, talent has been understood as a revelation of emotional intelligence and it is because this way of standing out in front of others is successfully achieved and thus being able to distinguish their ability, but linked to the search for motivation to be able to get it.