A tag or label is a set of keywords that are associated with an entry or post that is being made or some content that you do, this tag helps to classify the topics of the blog, because the tag contains all the necessary information to identify the theme being performed. In order to be able to place the tag in an entry, the tag field of the blog where you are creating the content would be used, on the other hand, if you want to place several tags, you must separate each word with a comma.

In the tag it can be classified into various types such as the markup language tag, metadata, frid, free flow, graffiti, Guatemalan air transport, among others.

The markup language tag is a class mark that defines a region in XML-based languages, which in English means “extensible markup language”, it is also defined as a set of informative games that is added to an element of the data to identify you.

Free flow labels, is a system that allows the payment of the toll rate without the need for a physical transaction, but through distant communication transfers can be made automatically, at the moment the vehicle is making it, it must stop for complete, ensuring a constant speed of flow and not generating vehicular congestion.

Graffiti tags, it is the signature of a graffiti artist and what changes about the tag is the color, the size and the position in which it is made but its theme does not change, that is, its letters.

RFID tags, is a method that gathers distant data using devices called tags, cards, among others.

Metadata tags are the ones that provide you with the information of any news, it can be an image, a video, a billboard, among others.

Guatemalan air transport labels, which are tags that are placed on commercial air transport for executive and tourist passengers, who go to other places in the country.